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Buying Tongan and Fijian clubs, Hunstein & Karawari

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Welcome to our website.  We are a very small group of private collectors who see an opportunity to share our passion with you.  We hope you enjoy this website and perhaps  come away a little more inspired and enlightened, we ask nothing more.  Please understand this is a dynamic work in progress, so expect to see changes, updates and additions.     

We offer artifacts and books for sale.  As collectors for many, many years, we at times decide its time to part company with certain pieces from our collections.  A collection is alive, our tastes are evolving and we have been guardians of some of these pieces for years.  However, the hunt for new artefacts is always on, the odyssey is part of the mission to unearth targeted objects fitting a particular project at a particular moment.  So it is the fate of some artefacts we have been living with for many years to now be nicely looked after in a new home, allowing us to continue searching for new treasures.

Given the lack of any other reasonable, straightforward and satisfying venue to sell such items, we offer an opportunity for others to acquire these artifacts directly from us.   While we are selling artifacts, we are also actively hunting for new ones, in this way, our experiences grow and the life in our collections is renewed.

We are well known within the Oceanic art community and can provide  references, at the appropriate time, if requested.

US contact: garra@oceanicarchive.com

Europe contact: yipwon@oceanicarchive.com

Please be patient, sometimes the images are slow to download