Welcome to the Archives.  It is our hope that the following images will be of some use and entertainment for you.

We do have a few things to explain; many of these images were not taken by us, but provided by others with their permission, or taken from the public domain, for their perceived value as a learning and entertainment experience.  Many pictures were taken in less than ideal settings, with whatever photographic equipment and lighting was available at the time.  Some images are from public institutions, their ban on tripods along with insufficient lighting makes taking pictures very difficult, what you see is what we have.  At times, something is better than nothing, perhaps just being able to perceive scale is of value. 

In no way do we represent that everything here is authentic, to the contrary, there are some dubious pieces here, intentionally submitted, as a basis for comparative measures to others  which are assumed authentic.    

Please do not email inquires about any piece pictured here.  In most cases we do not know or do not remember any details of any of the numerous images here.

Please EMAIL us if you find any of your photos without your permission or outside of the public domain and they will be REMOVED immediately.  As far as we know, nothing contained herein has been copyrighted.

You should look for ward to continued additions and revisions to the Archives.

Thank you.